Natalia graduated from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Finance. During her time studying in Canada, she worked part-time as a server at Hapa Izakaya, part-time at HSBC Bank Canada, and volunteered at Willingdon Church’s Nursery. It was a hefty workload but with some serious multi-tasking skills, she still managed to ace (let’s be honest here) ‘some’ of her classes. After she graduated, Natalia rolled into a full-time management position at HSBC Bank Canada.

Shortly after, Natalia decided to move back to Malaysia to pursue her passion in the performing arts industry. Apart from TV experience, she also has experience in event hosting, modelling, acting, singing and dancing. After winning first runner-up as Miss Universe Malaysia 2013, her career in the Malaysian entertainment industry boosted to a great start and she went on to be a TV host on NTV7 then onto Fox Sports Asia.

Growing up, Natalia gained her perseverance and discipline during her training as a state golfer since the age of 10. At ages 14 and 16 years old, Natalia represented Kuala Lumpur at a national golf tournament, Sukan Malaysia (SUKMA). When she turned 18, she represented the state of Selangor and brought home the gold medal for the team event at SUKMA. Other than her talent in sports, Natalia is multi-lingual and can speak, read and write fluently in English and Malay. She is also proficient in Mandarin and can communicate in Cantonese and Bahasa Indonesia.

Her passion for writing has inspired her to write seriously emotional songs as well as fictitious stories based on influences surrounding her (see www.tumblr.com/blog/miss-wishful). When she’s not busy typing away on her MacBook Air, she makes it a point to enjoy the outdoors and bask in nature’s glory every once in a while, practice her extraordinary coordination skills by playing the piano or guitar or ukelele while singing, and engaging in mindless to heartfelt conversations with awesome human beings… sometimes animals. If you don’t already know or haven’t already noticed, Natalia is extremely long-winded, hence her ability to write novels, amazingly long blog entries and become the ideal grandmother.

One of Natalia’s favourite quote is, “Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.” In her opinion, if you don’t risk going too far, you will never know how far you can go.

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Natalia is currently signed to JN ENTERTAINMENT, a Singapore-based Artiste Management.


For job and media enquiries, please contact:
Artiste Manager: Jamie Ng
Email: jamieng@jn-entertainment.com